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Hello…2day I wan share sum on9 earning tips to share with u all…Is a very easy way to earning money. It just get paid by reading e-mail. It not lik sales and need to go out promote sim card, product n other things… U believes anot? Just try now! Dun worry…Is totally free… >,<

  • Just open n read ur e-mail to read advertisement, each advertisement u open will earn between 0.55 to 0.75 cent!!
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Blue Christmas Tree

Blue Christmas Tree Vector | 9 EPS files + JPEG Preview | 10.7 MB

For those who don't know, Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) actually giving away 1 FREE movie ticket on the month of your birthday. All you have to do is :-

  1. Go online and visit

  2. Sign up as a member if you are not a member yet and login. If you are already a member, login to continue.

  3. Next, scroll down the page and you will see WEBSITE MEMBER'S REWARDS. Below it you will see birthday vouchers and click on it.
  4. By then, you will be forwarded to another page and here you have to click on the button to print the coupon out to be presented to the GSC counter together with your identity card.
  5. Below are images only for illustration purposes only :-

So, what are you waiting for? Dont miss it on the month of your birthday! Enjoy! =)

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Reformat Service in UKM

@For UKM student.

@RM20 only per reformat service +
free upgrade RAM service
(not include RAM price),
Windows XP/
Windows Vista/
Windows 7/(*add RM10)
Free AntiVirusInstall, and other useful software,etc....

@Later service is free!

Please leave your contact info in my Ah Chi Ah Jo Chatter...

Latest Windows 7

Crew Profile

Feel Your Laptop Slow bor?

Now can upgrade your RAM to make it faster!!
Maximum is 8G!( max depend on your laptop model)

RAM price list (for Laptop)
1G RAM - RM 92
2G RAM - RM 168
4G RAM - RM 435 - RM469 *depend on RAM model

*RM 10 Upgrade Service charge!
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Laptop Problem Service

@For UKM student.

@Any Laptop problem

@Service fees is depended
on problem (below RM10)

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